Emergency Tape Recovery Services

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Tape Data Recovery

When you encounter a failure of the company server or system disaster and suffer data loss you would rely on the backup as the only time you need to access the backup tapes are when you are faced with these scenarios.

What happens when you come to find that you cannot access the data on the tape, there could be many reasons for the problem, the fact is you do not have the data that is needed in an emergency.

To provide you with emergency tape data recovery service, we have developed a whole range of tape data recovery solutions and a suite of tape data recovery software tools that gives us the advantage of recovering data from almost any type of tape failure and tape data loss.

DiskEng tape data recovery specialists have been recovering data from low capacity data tapes developed in the 1980 to the current days multi terabyte tape backup media.

We can recover tape data from many types of natural and accidental data loss issues.

User Tape Errors
Initialized tape
Quick erased
Overwritten tape media
Incomplete backup
Relabeled tape
And many more.
Physical Damage
Tape damage Water
Fire, smoke contamination
Snapped tape media
Snapped tape leader
De spooled tape
Media flaws
Logical damage
Corrupt backup
Catalogue failure
Restore failure
Damaged sets
Unrecognized media
Rejected tape media

Tape Data Recovery Help

With our specialist tape data recovery services your tape media can be quickly recovered. With experience in recovering tape data going back over 25 years, we know we can recover your data.

For a professional diagnosis and immediate tape data recovery solution contact DiskEng and speak to our tape recovery specialists.

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