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AIT Tape Recovery

The AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) developed by Sony in 1996 uses the Helical scan recording method on an 8mm wide recording tape media for reading and writing data and a MIC (Memory in Cassette) memory chip to store recording information about the tape.

The AIT tape was originally released with a storage capacity of 25GB native and progressed over the years to its fifth generation with storage capacity at 400GB. A higher capacity variant the S-AIT (Super-AIT) was released at a starting storage capacity of 800GB.

Over the years DiskEng AIT tape data recovery specialists have seen numerous problems from media flaws to corrupt AIT tape media. We have even recovered data from initialized AIT tapes.

Physical AIT Faults
Read errors
Bad blocks
Corrupt data block
Logical AIT Problems
Damaged Memory IC
Initialized AIT tape
Overwritten tape.
All AIT Tape Recovered
AIT Data Recovery

AIT Tape Recovery Help

Need to recover AIT tape data, we can recover AIT1 AIT2 AIT3 now AIT4 tape media data.

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