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Tape Recovery

Tape recovery is the process of extracting and recovering data from tape media that for what ever reason fails to load, catalogue or restore the stored data. Professional tape recovery solutions allows this data to be recovered successfully.

The magnetic tape storage media is one of the most commonly used storage media for efficient and reliable data storage and data management, with a single tape now capable of storing terabytes of data. As the quantity of data stored on a single tape media increases to terabyte levels and the complexity of maintaining these tapes becomes lengthy, the risk of a disaster through tape data loss is even higher because so much data is locked inside a tape.

Although tape media is very reliable and normally comes with guarantees, data loss can still happen typically because of the failure of the tape drive itself, the backup software or even through user error. Every backup system requires maintenance, faults and irregularities can occur during a backup that goes unreported. This not only fails the backup process but also puts your company data at risk in many ways, tape recovery would then be your only option.

When you are faced with a tape that contains live data or archive data, any loss of access to the tape can be very alarming and a difficult time for any company, especially if this is the only copy of that data. When a tape develops errors or the backup software fails to restore the tape data, it is important not to interfere with the tape itself, as there is very little that can be done without a detailed understanding of how data is stored on tapes and how the backup software restores this data.

DiskEng professional tape recovery specialist will know exactly what the problem may be and how to recover your data without any or minimal data loss. Tape data recovery is very complex and requires expertise along with specialist tape recovery software tools which we have developed to successfully recover your data.

Physical Failure Recovered
Stretched tape media
Snapped tape
Damaged tape cartridge
Hanging tape drive
Logical Failure Recovered
Backup not recognised
Tape header missing
Missing tape sets
Incomplete tape session
All Tape Media Recovered
Tape  Recovery Services

Tape Recovery Help

A failed tape drive or corrupt backup tape can be overcome and the tape data recovered. Always speak to a tape recovery specialist to establish the exact methods and procedures used to recover your data.

Every experienced tape recovery specialist will recommend the right solution for your tape media.

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