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Fire Damaged DDS-4 Tape

“Our backup tapes suffered damage when a fire broke out when the tape was in the drive, despite it being put out very quickly. Thanks for recovering the files extremely quickly.”

Barry Osman, London

A DDS-4 data cartridge arrived from London at our laboratory facilities in Oxford. An examination of the tape cartridge by our tape recovery engineers revealed that heat had caused the exposed section of tape to shrink, which broke when the tape was ejected from the tape drive.

Our tape data recovery specialists examined the media, finding that it was positioned at the start of the media, limiting the damage. Our data recovery engineers were able to splice a new tape leader on the media while also rehousing it into a new cartridge.

Our data recovery specialists were able to read approximately 28GB of raw data from the tape cartridge. Although a couple of media flaws were encountered, our engineers were able to reposition the tape and recover the data blocks, allowing a complete recovery of all data. The recovered data contained a single BackupExec dataset containing files from a Windows computer, comprising photos, virtual images, databases and many office documents.

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