Emergency Tape Recovery Services

24 Hour Tape Recovery Helpline Tel: +44 (0)1865 469468

Tape Recovery Services

DiskEng tape recovery services offer solutions for almost every tape media and backup format that is commercially available. We are able to handle popular every day backup formats and develop in house software solutions for any proprietary legacy backup formats and recover your tape media successfully.

Supported Tape Formats
DAT3, DAT4, DAT72, DAT160
SLR, Travan, VXA
and others
Supported Backup Format
BackupExec, ARCserve
TAR, QIC, Retrospect
Windows NT, XP, 2000
Legato Tivoli, VMS
Tapeware and others
Supported Tape Drives
HP, Quantum
Tandberg, Seagate
Colorado, Teac
Exabyte, Sony, IBM
and others

What to do next

Have suddenly had a tape backup fail on you or it could be that you have received backup tapes that you do not know what the backup format may be and cannot restore the data. No problem, help is at hand.

Our tape recovery specialists can determine the format, handle any issue of corruption, restore and recover your data in full. Call us today to discuss your tape data loss.

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