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Data Recovery

Data recovery from magnetic tape media is the complex process of accessing, salvaging and restoring stored backup data, regardless of the type of tape media or backup tape format used.

The process requires dedicated advanced hardware and software tape data recovery solutions that allows for the restoration of the stored data when access using the original tape drive or the backup format software is not possible.

Tape Media Problems
Tape fails to load or unload
Tape fails to catalogue
Tape reports block errors
Tape report read errors
Tape drive fails to seek
Tape media snapped
Tape media de spooled
Tape media stretched
Backup reports missing tapes
Backup restores corrupt data
Backup not recognised
Backup format not supported
Backup incomplete
Restore fails
Corrupt catalogue
Tape accidentally initialised
Tape overwritten
Any Tape Media Recovered
Tape Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Help

When you encounter any of the above problems or simply cannot restore your data from your backup tape sets, it is very important not to attempt any DIY recovery methods on any of the tapes.

Tape media is the last place for any stored data as it can be your only backup source and so you will need a professional diagnosis and retrieval service.

Your tape data can be restored and recovered by our professional tape recovery specialists. For help with tape problems fill in a tape data recovery form or call us to discuss your requirements on 01865 469 468.

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