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Data Migration

Data migration is the complex process of migrating or transferring data from one data or file format to another format. Data migration gives you access to your company archive data using modern formats and current applications where normally the data is only accessible though the originating application that may no longer be available.

You may have data that was created by a legacy system and application that is no longer supported or available. Although the data is original the fact is you cannot access this data. Data migration will provide you with the exact solution. We can transfer the core data into new formats and prepare the data for loading into a new system, with minimal or no disparity, allowing you to continue the use of your old data.

Through years of understanding data formats, data structures and file systems and through our in-house software development capability DiskEng data migration services provides you with the right solutions for continued access to legacy data files, databases and other proprietary data.

Every data migration project is individual and is programmatically tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Data Migration Process
Establish the data migration specification
Evaluate the data and map to specification
Extract the data, cleanse and refine
Load and confirm to specification
Any Data Format Migrated
Data Migration Services

Data Migration Help

To discuss your exact data migration needs speak to our data migration specialists and let us deliver the results.

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