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Data Formats

DiskEng data recovery, tape recovery, data conversion, media conversion and data migration services support a wide range of data and storage formats dating back to over 25 years. Here is a list of formats that we have converted.

Any Operating System or File System
Windows NT, 2000, XP, ME, Windows 95, 98, Netware, Windows 3.11, DOS, Mac, Linux, OS/2, Unix, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, VMS, OS/400.

Any Backup Software Format
Veritas, Symantec Backup Exec, NT Backup, ARCserve, ARCsolo, Colorado, CPIO, Cristie, Eztape, Irwin, HP9000 FBackup, Iomega Backup, Jumbo, Legato, Mountain, Net Backup, Palindrome, QICstream, Sbackup, TAR, Retrospect, AS400 Savlib, AS400 Savjob, VMS backup, Tdump

Any Tape Drive Manufacturer
Hewlett Packard, IBM, Sony, Tandberg, Colorado, Exabyte, Fujitsu, Iomega, OnStream, Irwin, Quantum, Seagate, TEAC, Toshiba

Any DLT / SDLT / TK and LTO Tape
All LTO1, LTO2, LTO3 and LTO4 tapes. Any DLT II, DLT III, DLT IIIXT, DLT IV, DLT70, DLT80, DLT4000, DLT8000, SDLT220, SDLT320, SDLT600, TK25, TK50, TK70, TK85, TK86, DEC TK tapes.

Any 4mm and 8mm Tape
DAT 4mm 60m, 4mm 90m, 4mm 120m, 4mm 125m, Exabyte 8mm 112m, 8mm 160m, 8mm 170m, 8200, 8205, 8500, 8505XL, 8508, DDS, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4, DDS72, Mammoth, AIT, AIT2, AIT3, AIT4, AIT5

Any Quarter Inch Cartridges
DC600A, DC6150, DC6250, DC6525, DC9120, SLR1, SLR2, SLR3, SLR4, SLR5, SLR6, SLR24, SLR32, SLR50, QIC24, QIC120, QIC150, QIC525

DC2000 Mini Data Cartridges
DC2000, DC2000XL, DC2120, TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4, TR5, QIC40, QIC80, DITTO.

Any Syquest Iomega and Bernoulli disks
Syquest – 5¼” 44mb, 5¼” 88mb, 5¼” 200mb, 3½” 135mb, 3½” 270mb, 3½”, JAZ 1gig, JAZ 2gig, Sysparc 1gig, 3½” Syjet 1.5gig, Bernoulli – 5¼” 90mb, 5¼” 150mb, Iomega ZIP 100, ZIP 250.

Any Optical Magneto and WORM cartridges
3.5 128mb, 230mb, 640mb, 5.25 640mb, 650mb, HP, Maxtor, Maxoptix 1.3, 2.5, 5.2GB.

Any Mainframe Tapes
Magstar, Open Reel, 3480, 3490 and 3490E tapes

Any Magnetic Floppy Disk
640kb, 1.44mb 3½” PC and MAC formatted, LS120 PC and MAC formatted, 340kb 5¼” PC and others

Data Format Help

Unknown format? If there is a format that you require support, speak to our data conversion specialists and we can develop proprietary hardware and software solutions for your needs.

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