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Emergency Tape Data Recovery

DiskEng Tape Recovery service is the backup storage industries single point of tape support. Our expert tape recovery, data conversion and data migration services supports the industry with cutting edge tape recovery software and solutions that other tape data recovery companies simply cannot match. Corrupt backup format, overwritten backup tapes, failed tape drives are just some of the problems we routinely recover data from backup tape media.





Tape Data Recovery


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Tape Data Conversion


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Tape Data Migration



When your backup tapes are called upon and you find that you cannot access the tape data, the wakening can be quite serious, especially as tape media is the last resort for any data. DiskEng tape data recovery and data conversion services can help you overcome this type of crises. With just a phone call away our tape recovery specialists can recommend the best solution to get your tape data recovered. Call us today and let us recover 100% of the data

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